Episode 12: “The Best Way to Complain”

May 27, 2015

The Ghosts & Horses Radio Hour

Episode 12: "The Best Way to Complain"

Within you will find the following:

“Skullmore Presents” with Marc Wagner of Skullmore

“Being Rad” with Liz Nissen of Total Drag

“A Birthing Scene” with Lindy Wise of Onsk Onsk

“Me v. the Angry Mob” by The World/Inferno Friendship Society

“My Favorite Dead Punk Rocker”

We’re all just trying to have a good time. Fuckin’ relax.


Episode 11: “Dennis Won’t Go”

October 27, 2014

The Ghosts & Horses Radio Hour

Episode 11: “Dennis Won’t Go”

Within you will find a conversation with painter Mel Spinar. 

Selected topics discussed:

1. The cultural climate of 1960’s Sioux Falls, South Dakota

2. Mel’s bathroom

3. Mel’s haunted house

Music by Narco States, Jesse Christen, and Perfume Genius.

The Episcopals aren’t talking. 


Episode 9: “Doctors”

April 21, 2013

The Ghosts & Horses Radio Hour

Episode 9: "Doctors"

1. "How to Not Lie at the Blood Bank"

2. "Bad Mouth" with John Boylan

3. "Life and Limb" by Fugazi

4. "Doctors"

My conscience is clean.


Episode 8: “Meeting People is Hard”

October 29, 2012

The Ghosts & Horses Radio Hour

Episode 8: “Meeting People is Hard”

1.         “Sitting by the Fire, 2063 A.D.”

2.         “Amphetamine Twice Monthly”

3.         “Square Heat” by The Black Heart Procession

4.         “What Everyone is Talking About” with Kat Burdine

5.         “Map” by Jason Webley

6.         “Love Life”

7.         “One I Love” by Drug Cabin

I wasn’t proud of my imaginary problem.


Semi-professional non-speaking acting reel

September 30, 2012

Not everyone knows that in addition to being a very successful podcaster, I am also a semi-professional non-speaking actor who has SEVERAL non-speaking acting credits. If you don't believe me, why don't you just watch my reel.

Watch Now:

Episode 7.5 “A Long Talking To”

September 29, 2012

The Ghosts & Horses Radio Hour

Episode 7.5 "A Long Talking To"


1. Some hard truths about The Ghosts & Horses Radio Hour

2. A much more in-depth conversation with Andrew Kightlinger

Fine. Just one hard truth.

Learn more about "Dust of War" at DustOfWarMovie.com, and follow Dust of War on Facebook

Episode 7: “Nine and a Half Fingers”

August 29, 2012

The Ghosts & Horses Radio Hour

Episode 7: “Nine and a Half Fingers”

1.      Programming Note

2.      “The Top 5 Worst Films of 1976”

3.      “Fire Down Below” by Bob Seger

4.      “An Artful Thowback” with Andrew Kightlinger

5.      “Come to Poppa” by Bob Seger

6.      “Fistfuls in the Flowerbed”

I didn’t know the etiquette, so I made a joke out of it.

Learn more about “Dust of War” at DustOfWarMovie.com.


Episode 6: “1000 Hurtful Repetitions”

June 6, 2012

The Ghosts & Horses Radio Hour

Episode 6: “1000 Hurtful Repetitions”

1. “Sick of People” by The World/Inferno Friendship Society

2. “How I Would Fight Certain Animals”

3. “2 out of 3 Falls” with Steve Bormes

4. “Carpe Diem” by Cecil Otter

5. “Violent Acts in Appropriate Settings”

One big problem is that I don’t play tennis.


Radio Hour, Bonus Video: Rorschach & Leviticus LIVE at Patrick’s Cabaret

August 22, 2011

Years before I was a podcaster, I was a novelty musician.

The Brian Bieber Experience tribute act, Tom Rorschach & Jeff Leviticus, perform live at Patrick's Cabaret in Minneapolis, MN, in April 2003.

Set list: 1. "Growin' a Mustache" 2. "Springtime Love" 3. "Reverse Amputee" 4. "Mr. Sandman"

Check out The Ghosts & Horses Radio Hour, Episode 5: "Arrogance, Denial or Brilliant Intuition" with Patrick Scully to learn who is responsible for creating the venue that allows this kind of thing to happen.



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Episode 5: “Arrogance, Denial, or Brilliant Intuition” with Patrick Scully

August 14, 2011

On June 11, 2011, the Minneapolis performance venue and arts organization, Patrick’s Cabaret, celebrated its 25th anniversary. In this episode, Patrick’s Cabaret founder Patrick Scully joins me to discuss the origin of the Cabaret, making art with a Marxist sensibility, living with HIV, and nearly getting run out of town during a gay community dance in Wolverton, MN in 1981.